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Welcome in Who want to get married! is free subscription website in India for Muslim community and based on Islamic values. We don’t provide self-matching services. All Brid and Groom data received through website and WhatsApp after that will establish relation according to your requirement and inform you on call.

Mission is working in Muslim community help to find the relation Brid and Groom on the basis of Islamic principles.

Vision want to all members do Nikah easy and simple way and promote to Islamic principle in Nikah rather than other traditions.

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Terms and Conditions

  • will ensure that its members can find the desired relation (Rishta) as soon as possible.
  • does not provide proof of piety any of its members.
  • All members are requested to do the relation (Rishta) check themselves and proceed only when satisfied.
  • considers the information given by the members to be 100% correct. If any wrongs are found, the members will be responsible themselves for it.
  • does not interfere in the personal affairs of any members.
  • does not have full control over the information provided by the members, and will not be responsible for any information leakage or missuse due to technical failure.
  • reserves the right to share complete information about its members with its affiliates.

Why Work

  • Today in our society, people are facing many difficulties in their relations (Rishton), in such situations, to do this work with courage and it is trying to solve this problem as soon as possible.
  • Atta Marriage also wants people to actively support with us and register their relatives and friends here so that we can help you properly.
  • We request our all members to avoid unnecessary desires during the matching the relation.
  • Don't disturb your children's marriage life by following their desires.
  • Just as it has been said to make Nikah easier, we should make it easier to find a relation also.
  • It is better than many desires to find a good relation (Rishta) that will make your family environment healthy.
  • A lot of wealth and beauty can bring happiness in your life for a few days, but it is not sustainable and it cannot bring peace to our married life.
  • Making Islamic values the standard for relation is better and priority for all of us.
  • In the our society, it has become very difficult to find good relation, so we should leave all kinds of rituals and traditions and follow the order of Allah and His Messenger.
  • Let us be good ourselves and inspire others to be good.
  • We also know that the work of just reading, writing, comparing and listening is going on very loudly, but unless we follow these things, its effects will not be seen in our society. That is why the Qur'an repeatedly asks us to do righteous deeds after faith.
  • Let us all pledge together that we will make it easier for ourselves and the people to get married. InSaAllah

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